Who is behind WPMax?

Who is behind WPMax?

Nagy Olivér WordPress szakértő borítókép

Hi, my name is Oliver Nagy. I help service providers and e-retailers (webshops owners) who need modern and efficient websites and webshops that can meet the goals and expectations of their business.

With years of experience in web programming, WordPress web development and dozens of completed websites, webshops and blog articles, I can help you create an effective online presence.

My passion is creating a website and maximizing your online presence. My goal is to increase your customer base and, with it, your income.

Have a lovely day!

Nagy Olivér WordPress szakértő borítókép

Oliver Nagy
WordPress expert, webdeveloper

First stop: web programming

Nagy Olivér webfejlesztő

My entire web career started with web programming. I took part in a 2-year OKJ web programming course, where I quickly got the hang of it.

I used to express my creative self in drawing, but thanks to this course, I replaced the blank paper with the blank browser and created with programming languages instead of a pencil.

Later, I used this knowledge and desire to create for almost 6 years at several companies. Unfortunately, I mostly worked on internal online systems, so I can’t show you too many references from this era.

One of my prides was fix24, my first programming job, where I did, among other things, the registration, the profile page and the localization (although they have probably been reworked since then, as the entire website is constantly changing based on user needs).

The other thing left is the website of the Millenium House exhibition in Városliget. Here I encountered more new challenges than dynamically clickable maps.

Business development programs

My becoming a freelance WordPress web development entrepreneur was supported by several training courses.

I) Business Mentor Program

The training provided by Attila Csont gave me a general foundation, which I needed when starting out. He was part of a 3-month flow where we tried a lot of things.

On the one hand, moving a little away from programming, I started to delve into WordPress, which is a very simple, clean CMS system, and with just a few plugins, it has an endless range of possibilities. Since then, I’ve only been working in WordPress, it’s one of my most important work tools. On the other hand, I learned to use the SalesAutopilot system, which, if used well, means a sure source of income.

II) Conversion Academy

* Conversion is the metric that shows the performance of the website. Those who fulfill the purpose of the site (subscription, purchase, etc.) divided by the total number of visitors.

The Ádám Tóth conversion academy is a great training. Here I have mastered a methodology that has been experienced during the construction of thousands of websites. What blocks should the page be divided into, what should they be about, in what order should they be built on top of each other, how to build a convincing website with outstanding conversion.

III) Wandows Design Workshop

Within the framework of Ákos Lewandowski’s design workshop, I learned to use the Figma software, which is a fairly powerful designer program.

IV) The 6 Pillars Mastermind

It was a half-year training, during which I learned an incredible amount. As the name suggests, it is based on 6 pillars, which you will be guided through over the course of 6 months. These pillars are Mindset, Finance, Time Management, Marketing, Sales and Team Leadership/Delegation.

They handed over systems that made my own life and the operation of my business easier. Never before had I seen the plan in front of me so comprehensively, which leads to the realization of my ideas.

Képzések amiknek sokat köszönhetek

Web Case Studies

In recent years, I have managed to realize several really exciting and different projects. I will highlight four below and go into more detail.

HealtHProduction esettanulmány (nagy)


HealtHProduction esettanulmány (kicsi)


Intro & results

HealthHProduction was a webshop client of mine selling CBD oils and coffees.

I built it based on an existing design, and after many small changes and expansions, it got its current form.

The ordering process is fully automated, the team only has to pack the order and hand it over to the courier.


Premium, refined, conscious, healthy, direct, calm, youthful.


A simple, clean, light base, image highlights, a unique “coffee grind-like” transition effect, angular and slanted shapes, a sans serif font, an accented green color that suggests health and naturalness.



Fabolt esettanulmány (kicsi)

Intro & results

Fabolt was a very nice webshop client of mine. He makes laser-engraved wood souvenirs.

I ordered from him my parents’ gift for my wedding, and after exchanging a few e-mails, we agreed that I would help him with the visual renewal.

The new look speaks for itself, for comparison you can view the screenshots of the original webshop at the links below.


Trust, familiar, clean, simple, friendly, cheerful, positive, playful.


Simple light base, wooden backgrounds, wood-related and natural colors, rounded shapes, serif font.

Fabolt esettanulmány (nagy)
GoodLife esettanulmány (nagy)


GoodLife esettanulmány (kicsi)


Intro & results

I built the GoodLife website for a small MLM team selling health-related products.

The purpose of the website was to facilitate or even replace cold direct messages for network building.

In the end, it serves as information during messages, thus helping the efficiency of the team, and the process has also been partially automated with advertisements.


Elegance, reliability, potential, conscious, direct.


Dark base, rose-gold highlights, a mixture of serif and sans serif fonts, rounded shapes, dynamically moving elements.

Fanó Magdolna

Fanó Magdolna

Fanó Magdolna esettanulmány (kicsi)

Intro & results

Magdolna Fanó was a self-knowledge mentor client of mine. Her purpose is to help with mental organizing and cleaning.

I renovated her existing website and transferred it to an easy-to-use system.

We put a lot of emphasis on the blog for expert positioning and networking through it.


Spirituality, compassion, understanding, trust, connection, harmony, assistance, knowledge.


Simple light base, natural background elements, transitional purple and pink colors dominate, serif and sans serif font with bold accents.

Fanó Magdolna esettanulmány (nagy)

See what they said about me and my work

Skilled, precise and creative, he has a good sense of people's needs. Your insights are good. He had ideas and suggestions that I had never thought of, be it design or any development. Helpful, kind and patient, it was a pleasure to work with him.
(Translated from hungarian)
Petercsák Judit vélemény
Judit Petercsák
Fast, precise and constructive work execution, there are no objections during the implementation and completion of the work. Since I had all the plans and ideas, he completed the task easily and quickly. He willingly solves everything. He made two websites for me.
(Translated from hungarian)
Osama El Shobaky vélemény
Osama El Shobaky
I can't believe that my subscription system is ready... After half a year of work, the party can finally start! Thank you very much for your work!
(Translated from hungarian)
Dr Pazsa Kornélia vélemény
Dr Kornélia Pazsa
Thank you for doing such conscientious work. I think this is rare, and I would like to express to you that I am very grateful.
(Translated from hungarian)
Kárpáto Dorka vélemény
Dorka Kárpáti
You are really Great*!
(Translated from hungarian)
(*he was playing with the words, because my surname is Nagy, which means great in hungarian)
Montvai Attila vélemény
Attila Montvai
Oliver is reliable, enthusiastic, helpful, patient, everything went smoothly, I was happy that the communication was good and the video editing and sales autopilot integration went smoothly.
(Translated from hungarian)
Ludányi Dóra vélemény
Dóra Ludányi
His work is just great, also he is very friendly, which makes it even better. Really recommended.
Eduarda Nascimento vélemény
Eduarda Nascimento
... Várom a visszajelzést ...
Kovács Gergely vélemény
Gergely Kovács
Oliver emphasizes development, learning and self-development. He also helps me with creative ideas and good insights when I get stuck in my tasks. He is open both professionally and personally, ready to accept new things in order to provide his clients with outstanding work. I managed to infect him a little with search engine optimization, so the website he created must be based on good foundations.
(Translated from hungarian)
Benefi Krisztina vélemény
Krisztina Benefi
I needed an interface where I could collect email addresses and where they could pay me. This made my administration and sales process easier.

Our cooperation worked perfectly well. I always received feedback from him about what to expect and when it would be ready. Communication was fine for me. The tasks that were performed worked well, and he willingly answered my questions at any time.
(Translated from hungarian)
Márton Viktor vélemény
Viktor Márton

May the next project be yours!

– Collaboration Tailored to You –

– Tailored to You –

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